The Astanza MeDioStar

Pain-Free and Effective Hair Removal Technologies

Integrity Ink uses the Astanza MeDioStar laser to deliver the best hair removal treatments and results throughout Crosby. The MeDioStar laser is an industry-leading diode laser that is specifically engineered to perform the fastest, most comfortable, and most effective treatments for long-lasting results. This cutting-edge technology uses two essential wavelengths, 810 nm and 940 nm, for optimal melanin absorption to target the deepest follicles while protecting the surrounding skin tissue. Both of these wavelengths are safe to use on all skin types, including darker skin types and even newly tanned skin!

Our MeDioStar uses two different handpieces to treat both large and small areas efficiently. The Monolith L handpiece features a 3 cm2 spot size and is perfect for quickly treating large areas like the chest, back, and full legs. The Monolith S handpiece has a spot size of 1 cm2 and is used for precise treatments on smaller areas like the face, hands, and bikini area.

Best of all, each handpiece features a 360º contact skin cooling system for pain-free treatments, comfortable application, and optimum safety. The contact skin cooling system cools the skin immediately before each laser pulse, protecting the skin from any unlikely burns. Furthermore, the MeDioStar uses TAPER technology to ensure an even distribution of energy over the entire spot, eliminating the risk of hot spots and reducing the risk of unwanted side effects. Integrity Ink also applies a hygienic single-use protection cap over the handpiece before each treatment to ensure the greatest level of cleanliness.

For the best hair removal results in Crosby, TX, call Integrity Ink today and get treated with our industry-leading MeDioStar laser today!

Astanza Mediostar - Laser Hair Removal