Crosby’s # 1 Place for Effective Laser Tattoo and Laser Hair Removal


Premier Laser Tattoo Removal in Crosby, TX

Laser Tattoo Removal

Complete tattoo removal for tattoo regret, fading or lightening for tattoo modification and cover-ups.

Laser Hair Removal in Crosby Texas

Laser Hair Removal

Safe and effective treatment to permanently remove unwanted hair in all parts of the body.

Vascular Lesion Removal

A noninvasive laser treatment that permanently removes unwanted veins and reveals a  clear, blemish-free skin.

About Us

Integrity Ink is Crosby’s leading provider for laser tattoo removal. We use state-of-the-art laser technology to deliver safe, fast, and effective removal of unwanted tattoos. All of our laser technicians are certified in operating advanced Q-switched laser technology and received expert training from New Look Laser College. We use custom protocols for each client and their unique tattoo to ensure the best results and safest laser treatments. But more than that, our main goal is to change lives by helping our clients feel happy and confident with their appearance.