About Us

Crosby’s leading Laser Clinic

At Integrity Ink, we use state-of-the-art laser technology to deliver safe, fast, and effective removal of unwanted tattoos. All of our laser technicians are certified in operating advanced Q-switched laser technology and received expert training from New Look Laser College. We use custom protocols for each client and their unique tattoo to ensure the best results and safest laser treatments. But more than that, our main goal is to change lives by helping our clients feel happy and confident with their appearance.

Integrity Ink is a judgment-free business that understands everyone’s personal motivations for wanting to remove or modify a tattoo. We have a background in tattooing and love all forms of body art, we just want to help others feel happy in their own skin. From complete tattoo removal, selective tattoo removal, to fading for cover-ups, Integrity Ink can deliver! We can also connect clients in the market for a new tattoo or cover-up piece with a professional, talented tattoo artist as well.

Our founder, Andy Cordell, founded Integrity Ink after an unforgettable experience he had working as a tattoo artist. “While I was learning how to tattoo, I had the privilege of doing a cover-up for a young lady with a name tattoo that constantly reminded her of a bad relationship. After I finished her new tattoo, she looked down and saw a rose where the unwanted name once was and began to cry. She was so happy that she didn’t have to look at that name anymore and said she could finally get on with her life! After that encounter, I realized how life-changing removing unwanted ink could be.”

Integrity Ink prioritizes customer satisfaction and great results above all else. We are passionate about laser tattoo removal and committed to helping our clients reach their goals. Call us today to learn more about our services, technology, and to schedule a free consultation!

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