Laser Tattoo Removal


Integrity Ink is Crosby’s leading provider for laser tattoo removal. We deliver complete tattoo removal for tattoo regret, fading or lightening for tattoo modification and cover-ups, and selective tattoo removal for removing specific parts of a tattoo. We use the industry-leading Astanza Trinity laser to ensure our clients receive the best treatments and fastest results. Keep reading to learn more about how the laser tattoo removal procedure works.

Why Are Tattoos Permanent?

When a tattoo is applied, nume­­rous ink particles are embedded into the skin’s dermis, the deepest layer of skin. Each needle puncture immediately alerts your immune system to send blood cells to clean up the foreign ink pigment. Due to the large size of the ink particles relative to the blood cells, your immune system can only scrape away small fragments of ink at a time. The remainder of the ink particles are absorbed by skin cells called fibroblasts which become permanently suspended in the dermis layer. Over time, your immune system continuously chips away at the suspended ink, which explains why tattoos are permanent but gradually fade.

Overview of the Procedure

Laser tattoo removal assists the natural fading process by shattering the ink particles into smaller fragments that your immune system can more easily break down. During a laser session, our Astanza Duality laser releases multiple pulses of light energy onto the unwanted tattoo. The ink particles absorb the light energy, heat up, and shatter into tiny fragments. The weeks following your treatment, blood cells consume the broken particles and dispose of them through your bloodstream.

Multiple treatments are needed to target the many layers of ink that make up a tattoo. Each laser session treats the shallowest layer of ink and works its way down until no ink is left in the skin. The number of laser tattoo removal treatments needed is dependent on a variety of factors. However, most people require a minimum of 5 to 10 treatments or less for fading/lightening treatments.

Integrity Ink delivers superior laser tattoo removal throughout Crosby, Texas and surrounding cities. Call us today to schedule your free consultation!