How Long To Wait Between Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments

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The time required between laser tattoo removal treatments varies from individual to individual. The typical type can fall between 4 and 8 weeks. This time frame is normally fixed to ensure everyone one gets the best result.

The aid of laser treatment helps to break up the ink particles beneath the skin. Leaving the body’s immune system to flush and eliminate the tattoo from the skin during this waiting period.

The body continues with this process of flushing away the tattoo ink and even do so naturally over a period. However, the breaking of ink particles during the laser tattoo removal process encourages and quickens the flushing process.

Normally, the waiting period of four to eight weeks will allow you to get a complete healing. If you also observe that the tattooed area has not healed from the last laser treatment, it is important that you extend the waiting period.

With the right tattoo removal aftercare and a non-sensitive skin type, the waiting period or time can be drastically reduced. In the event where scabs, scars, infection, sunburn or pigmentation is noticed, the laser treatment should be postponed till the issues are taken care of.

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